Defend yourself from racism

September 4, 2008

Susan Loone in her blog recently raised the same thought again and again; that the BN government is ’racist and corrupt’.

To tell everyone that the government is racist is like accusing everyone that had voted for it as racists. And I take offend on that. One of the flaw that the Pakatan Rakyat has which they themselves do not see is that, when they speak, they think they are representing every Malaysian in this country.

Though I do not oppose her allegation that the government is  ’corrupt’, I would still resent any notion that every man in this government is corrupt. Granted that when we find the most corrupt figure within the government is our very own Prime Minister, then of course, all of the government’s machinery will suffer from the perception of being corrupt too.

However, I just have to disagree with her on her accusations that the Government is racist by nature. In my previous article, which by the way, a must-read in order to apprehend this particular piece, we need to alert ourselves against the racist tactics of the Pakatan Rakyat politicians and their loyalists. Their divide and conquer tactics is very subtle but not yet foolproof.

This tactic is even more profound when they zoom in on the Umno leaders and their speeches. For instance, the Datuk Ahmad Ismail case.

But when their own leader, Zulkifli Nordin had shouted racist statements during the Bar Council forum last month, everyone was very quiet and the matter died quickly. Even the MCA leaders, who were very vocal in the case of Ahmad Ismail, had been suspiciously quiet on the Zulkifli Nordin incident. No acsusations of being racist were hurled towards Zulkifli.

Which led me to believe that the MCA itself had fallen to the PR racial politics. Did they even lodge a police report against Zulkifli Nordin? I doubt it. When Zulkifli and his followers had uttered even more degrading and abusive words than Ahmad Ismail had, one cannot help to notice that, due to the swift dissipation of that issue, it is not about racism at all. Among the Pakatan Rakyat leaders, it is only about power and perception.

Their motto – destroy the BN with accusations of racism and we the Pakatan Pakyat will seize power by hook or by crook.

To me, to play the racial card in the guise of justice and equality is the heinous act of all.

Nevertheless, some quarters had even argued that the rakyat had only begun to realise the government racial approach after 51 years of ruling. However, prior to the 2008 general election, even the ultra chinese DAP did not accuse the government as racist. Have we read any news on them accusing Barisan Nasional as racist in 2004, 1999, 1995, 1990, 1986, 1982, 1978 and in 1974? In fact, it was the DAP and Gerakan who were the main hate mongers in the 1969 general election. Did they go on hibernation mode after that? And did the rest of the opposition parties and Malaysians accuse the BN as racist after 1969?

To say that the rakyat had only realise after 51 years of prosperous livelihood is only a political ploy to gain support and to throw the people off balance. I know it. They know it. And the rest of Malaysians should know it too.

True that Ahmad Ismail is an idiot. His galactically stupid statement damaged Umno’s credibility even further. It dumbfounded me on why he  would even utter those words. Same goes to Zulkifli Nordin and his followers. And we had not even venture into all the racist statements in the blogs of Pakatan Rakyat supporters. It is just that they have not been highlighted to the masses. Indeed, Pakatan Rakyat is very fortunate that the Malay masses do not read those internet blogs and their foul comments.

As I have said again and again, the BN leaders, especially the ones from Umno, should be more elegant in their speeches. They should know what words that could cause anxiety and be perceived as insensitive. The BN has got no problem before this. Maybe it’s due to the lack of leadership from the top. Or perhaps, they themselves are a bunch of buffoons who could not put together a proper sentence to save their own lives. Good leadership qualities are sorely lacking in Umno nowadays.

But my point is, are all Umno leaders racist by nature? Are all the BN leaders practise racism? Is Barisan National guilty in chanting racist slogans? As I said before, there is a huge difference between a racist policy and an affirmative action.

Racist policy is what had been practised by the Apartheid regime in South Africa. By the Nazis in Germany and by the early Americans against the Red Indians. Susan Loone or John Lee might not even be here if the government had indeed been propagating racial hatred and racist policy since the beginning of independence.

What we have here is a positive discriminatory policy called the Article 153 and the NEP. It is not racist in nature. But the enforcement is tainted with corruption. I can live with the opposition calling the government corrupt. I do not deny the fact that most Umno leaders are exposed to corruption. This blog had even highlighted them on a few instances. But to call the government as racist, is an insult to the multi racial population that had thrived since 1957 under the same government policy.

Tian Chua, upon Anwar Ibrahim’s victory in Permatang Pauh had the nerve to even said“the overwhelming victory showed that the prime minister’s racial politics is bankrupt”. He said that with the background of Pakatan Rakyat accusing Datuk Seri Najib as a Hindu!

This is the modus operandi of the Pakatan Rakyat. The real propagators of racism

Source : Jebat Must Die


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