Lim Guan Eng : Islam a universal way of life

September 3, 2008

GEORGE TOWN: Islam is a universal way of life and does not discriminate against race, said Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. The DAP secretary general, in his statement wishing Muslims a happy and well Ramadhan month, said he believed that Islam is based on the core value of justice without taking into account the differences in races.

“This I fully respect. So, I hope this will be the main core to all efforts to strengthen the unity between all races in this country,” he said in a media statement today.

He said the Ramadhan month is a time to test the patience and strength of Muslims while fasting and the non-Muslims should also reflect on this together with Muslims. He said the understanding between all races will only unite all and continue to bring development to the nation. He said he was confident that Ramadhan would fill every Malaysian’s heart with the spirit of genuine unity and that the month brings justice and harmony.

“Ramadhan should be used as the basis for us to rise and fight against negativity such as corruption, abuse of power, wastage and work hard to create a society that is fair with equal opportunities for all as encouraged by religious teachings,” he said.

As the Penang Chief Minister, Lim gave his guarantee that the CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) principles will be practised without fear or favour to ensure a clean state administration.

“As the DAP secretary general, I give the assurances that our fight which is also based on CAT will ensure our efforts to fight for a clean country and society,” he added.

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6 Responses to “Lim Guan Eng : Islam a universal way of life”

  1. Fazrul Says:

    Salam bro,

    Hmm pernah dapat email tengan ketua menteri Pulau Pinang ni.. yang suka membaca buku tengang kisah2 pejuang dan tokoh2 islam dunia..

    p/s : salam fazrul,
    Harap-harap kenyataan LGE bukan berbau politik.

  2. Apo laie….masuk la islam!
    Embrace the universal religion…tak payah pegang colok2 lagi…
    p/s: salam Des,
    Tiada paksaan dalam agama.. sekadar menyedari kebaikan Islam sudah cukup baik. Selebihnya, terpulanglah hidayah Allah kepadanya. Cuma.. kita sebagai orang Islam, mestilah berakhlak mulia. Semoga Allah beri taufik-hidayat-Nya kepada kita.

  3. Teng Kong Leong Says:

    Looking at the world politics, religion should NOT relate to politics and vice versa. We all people should set aside religion when practising politics.

    Religion is a one believe and leaving in the 21st century, we all are free to choose what religion we believe in regardless of races. Again, races should NOT relate to religion. One can be Chinese or Indian yet he/she is a muslim.

    Believe in religion is a good thing but using it for other purposes to harm others, that is really BAD!!!
    p/s: Warm welcome to you Teng Kong Leong,
    I totally agree races should not relate to religion. But we need guidance in all aspects of our life, and politics is part of our life. That’s why we need a leader who get guidance from his/her religion.. to be a morally leader. And what happen now is the leader abuse the religion for their greed.

  4. zulhairy Says:

    Cakap biasalah kita dengar macam-macam. Ada yang baik dan sebaliknya. Yang kita risau selepas tempuh tertentu baru kita sedar apa yang telah dibuatnya. Kita tengok dan doakan cakap dan tindakan dia konsisten.
    p/s : salam zulkhairy,

  5. Jebat Says:

    Yes , no particular race superior or inferior than the other in Islam. All races are therefore of equal status and thus shall be accorded equal treatment. Islam outlined that those with wealth are reponsible for the wellbeing of the poor.
    p/s: salam Jebat, .. 200% agreeee..

  6. Congratulation Mr. LGE.

    As an intellectual figure I don’t think this statement is going to be politisized cuz it is compatible to the real meaning in ISLAM. Since people never know how to understand ISLAM as the way of life, certaintly they blame the statement is only dummy one. Thanks LGE, at least people can start thinking about the word, because it is not uttered by merely Muslims, yet even non-Muslims also started to aprehend the concept of ISLAMIC WAY OF LIFE.

    Great statement and Thanks.



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