Khairy serang Anwar di Permatang Pauh

August 23, 2008

Saya terbaca artikel Susan Loone dalam blognya, menurutnya Khairy ada menyatakan 10 sebab@persoalan kenapa kewibawaan Anwar Ibrahim boleh dipersoalkan dan diragui. Rata-rata wartawan dalam majlis itu tersebut, mengatakan hujah Khairy agak meyakinkan.. Berikut dinyatakan hujah-hujah tersebut (dalam BI)..


(1)  He is an hypocrite of the highest order. His character is questionable. Compare him with Arif Shah (BN P44 candidate): one is serviced centred, the other (Anwar) is greedy for power.

(2)  About the Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim’s controversial statement proposing that UITM open 10percent of its doors to non-Muslims: KJ said Anwar himself had said years ago that the Bumiputera Policy for UITM stays. “The press cutting is here in my pocket,” he added, although he did not reveal it.

(3)  BN, a corrupt party? Who was caught for corruption by the Anti Corruption Agency a few days ago? It was two PKR officers from Perak.

(4)  Penang Kampung Jawa – racial conflict between Malays and Indians years ago when Anwar was the deputy prime minister. Anwar had said during the height of the crisis that “If they (Indians) do not bow to our demands (Malays), we will not hear the temples bells ring again in Malaysia”. (This statement was heard by PKR ex-deputy president and academic Dr Chandra Muzaffar).

(5)  He will sell Malaysia to the USA. KJ claims that he had heard from ‘reliable sources’ that once Anwar becomes PM, Malaysia will sign the Free Trade Agreement with USA. “This will hurt our farmers and industries”. He will also allow the American navy to set up base in Sabah.

(6)  Based on the recent PAS Muktamar, the party had rejected Anwar as PM. They are not in Permatang Pauh to campaign for Anwar. “What kind of PAKATAN is this? PAS did not show their dissatisfaction openly because they pity Wan Azizah”.

(7)  “They call me ’samseng’ (gangster), but who are gangsters now? PKR beat up journalists. We put up our flags at night, at dawn, they are pulled down. During nomination day, BN leaders were not allowed to meet with their supporters”.

(8)  Sabah MPs will not be crossing over to PKR. KJ was in a function with several Sabah MPs, and they have assured him there were no defections.

(9)  Why can’t Anwar keep his friends? They must know something (referring to several of Anwar’s close friends who have abandoned him and threw their support behind UMNO/BN – Ezam, Dr. Chandra, Nallakurapan (his former tennis partner, among others).

(10) There are so many banners, buntings and posters around the area. Where did PKR get the money from? It seems they have spent millions (RM) here. It seems they have signed some deal with their foreign funders.


Ikuti artikel Susan Loone, “Khairy Jamaluddin is going to resign as Deputy Youth Chief” disini


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